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Virtual office and secretary services

Virtual Office and Secretary Services become increasingly demanded all over the world. Virtual Office is simple economic solution that allows preserving and improving the image of a small company, what is important in the times of challenging economic conditions. Virtual Office means an opportunity to operate with low fixed costs, without front office staff, and an opportunity to have a contact address without any need to be there physically. Time saving is another important advantage that makes Virtual Office popular among both residents and non-residents in Latvia.

Virtual Office is an excellent alternative to physical address

  • when there is a need to form a company in Latvia with the purpose of researching business opportunities before making decision on long term presence in the region;
  • for start-up companies when expenses for opening office and hiring staff are high relative to sales;
  • for opening a representative office in Latvia with minimal administrative costs;
  • for entrepreneurs that have frequent business trips and thus no need for permanently leasing an office;
  • for businesses where meeting clients is a rare occasion;
  • for people that work from home, but want to create an image of business office;
  • during special periods of business development when there is no resources or need to maintain a physical office.

We offer full set of Virtual Office services in Latvia.

Legal address.

Legal address is necessary for any Latvian company or representative offices of foreign companies. Legal address is the address where company’s board located. This address should be confirmed by a written agreement.

In addition, our secretary will always receive and resend all correspondence addressed to the board of a company.

Post address.

Collection and dispatch of correspondence. Depending on client’s instructions we store, resend physically to needed address, fax forward or transfer to the authorized person any correspondence. The post address can be also mentioned on business cards, website, letterheads, etc. Post address for correspondence can be also provided in Lithuania (Vilnius), Estonia (Tallinn), Cyprus (Nicosia) and Switzerland (Zurich).

E-mail address.

Client is provided with personal email address that can be accessed via web interface or email applications.

Incoming and outgoing faxes, emails and phone calls.

A secretary receives calls, faxes and emails on behalf of the client. According to client’s instructions any information is recorded and transmitted to the desired destination. The client is immediately notified of any accepted calls and messages in any convenient way.

Virtual representative office.

One of the major criteria by which potential partners assess a company is timely and operative communication. This issue can be addressed by opening a representative office. However, costs on leasing, front office staff, phone calls and other expenses can become a big financial burden for a small company. In this case opening a virtual representative office is the best choice. A virtual representative can be delegated with such duties as contacting client’s partners and getting in touch with necessary persons.

Conference room.

We provide conference room for negotiations, meetings, etc. The room with comfortable furniture is designed for 6 people and is equipped for delivering presentations. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are served.

Additional services.

Translation of documents to any languages, notarized copies and translations, etc.

Contact us: info@fintrust.lv